Official Measures to Protect Online Casino Gamblers in Canada

Canadian official measures to protect online casino players Last years, the gaming industry was steadily growing in the country. At the same time, the rate of pathologically dependent people was increasing as well. It is estimated that 1.5% of citizens have correspondent problems.

According to the statistics, 2.5% of the population have associated problems and are at risk of acquiring an addiction. In other words, 1,5 million of adults have the gamers’ syndrome.

The authorities elaborated a sustainable program to reduce the damage. Two directions of this strategy can be determined as informational support and restrictions.

Policy Initiatives Directed at Improving Gambling Atmosphere

The best online casino in Canada and premises with slot machines work under the license terms and conditions. Visitors tend to enjoy gaming and remain longer in comfortable venues with relaxing elements, bright colors, and good sounds. A limited number of such establishments give the positive correlation between availability and product consumption. In the case of the money loss, the player should be aware that his funds went for charity purposes.

Restriction of General Availability

Social regulations of online casino in Canada It is evident that the total ban of online gaming is not the best solution, taking into account the positive effects, such as the state budget replenishment and funding of multiple charity programs. Wagering should exist under the strict but flexible control of the state.

The authorized structures issue the necessary licenses with clear terms for this business. The right places for betting and their number should be approved after all-round investigation, according to the demographic, social and financial situation.

Setting Limits on More Harmful Types of Gaming

The state as the general arbitrator for all aspects of this industry must control what type of wagering can be available. The major principle to allow the type of playing is the potential risk to arouse an addiction. This way, the most harmful games should fall under the restrictions.

It is obvious that all tricks with software or slots should be discovered urgently and eliminated because the fun must be fair. The number of offered opportunities for betting should be also estimated, because, as the scientists indicate, the versatile temptations lead to psychological troubles.

Legitimate and Illegitimate Forms of Wagering

Social politics of Canadian online casino Actually, the Criminal Code forbids citizens to bet in wagering organizations that are not licensed in the country. Following the law C-290, it concerns online gaming on the foreign resources. There are three ways how the government can restrict this form of games for money.

First, to announce it illegal with the criminal prosecution. Secondly, it is possible to restrain currency flows via the web. And the third, the authorities may simply cut off the access to the specific sites on the Internet from the national territory.

But experts expect that the law will be modified one way or another to legitimate virtual activity on foreign non-licensed websites.

Regulations of Who Can Bet in Canada

Generally, all adults mentally healthy can participate in betting. In different parts of the country, the allowed age for wagering is 18 or 19 years. In this age, the person is treated as responsible and mature enough for taking decisions and act accordingly.


The first formal self-exclusion program for betting houses was adopted in 1989 in Manitoba with the opening of the first permanent national wagering establishment. The project consists in the gamer’s personal decision to restrict his access to these places.

That means that the person realizes he/she has an addiction to gaming and he makes the first step to overcoming this problem. Such option has a relatively small effect on the total situation, but it has a positive side in a combination with other measures.