Principles of Key Persons License for Online Casino Operators in Canada

In accordance with provisions of the “Regulations concerning Interactive Gaming”, the competent organ to issue the Key Person Permit is the KG Commission. Canada online casino applicants must appoint two persons to perform managerial or operational functions.

Further, both apply for a KPP. The KGC emits enquired permissions if e-net activities are considered as useful to conduct internet wagering or they meet the public interest.

How to Apply Key Persons License

KPL for online casino in Canada The Schedule E of the “Regulations” provides the KPP solicitors with the “Instruction for completion”, samples of:”Application for a Key Person License”, “Accompanying documents and fees”, “Oath Declaration of applicant”. The forms must be filled in English. All additional required materials should have a certified translation.

The failure to present the complete information will serve grounds to suspend or revoke authorizations as granted on the inaccurate database. The money order for the charges and the documentation are to be enclosed in the envelope marked “Confidential”.

Request Structure

The procedure for the gaming registration in each province is relatively similar. In order to be classified, the next forms must be completed. They are “Application”, “Enterprise and Personal disclosure”. Further, the MGC estimates whether a candidate is in a good condition to manage wagering business.

This competent organ evaluates the strategic industry perspectives of solicitors. It considers the way a person or a company meets operational requirements to comply with legal obligations and so on. After the file is submitted to the Commission, the evaluation and approval process will last no more, than 16 weeks.

Enter Your Private Data

Canadian Key Persons License for online casino The “Regulations” declare that in order to receive a certificate to operate, online casino is obliged to organize individual verification procedures for players that could participate in games. The age is checked by visitors’ passports or their driving licenses.

To identify an address, utility bills are used. Scanned copies of bank cards verify the paying responsibility. Such measures are taken to protect bet houses against the opening of forged accounts.

Supported Fees and Instruments

The KPP license application fee is 5,000USD for one proposed key position. The contribution includes an assumed cost for the KGC to execute a due diligence with respect to companies and persons who have provided Personal Information Forms. That money is non-refundable.

Another payment is the first licensing deposit, which should be returned back if an authorization is not issued. Its amount is US$1,000. All such funding should be done before the registration starts.

Further, permission holders must make annual permit charges of 1,000 US Dollars. That sum is paid in full on the 1st and subsequent emission date. The KGC authorities can claim debts on all compulsory payments through a recourse to a court of a corresponding jurisdiction. The failure to cancel arrears leads to the suspension or revocation of industry rights in question.

Affirmation Points

The Kahnawake Gaming Commission will provide the application for a Key Person authorization to both types of the annex, when they submit a duly filled and approved KPP form and complete personal information. Also, it is needed a letter from the ACP that confirms the relationship with the solicitorsand the level of their qualification, sufficient to perform above-mentioned functions.