Profits Matching and Regulations of Online Casino Industry in Canada and Nevada State in the USA

Profits results of online casino in Canada and Nevada State of the USA Nevada notably stands out from other gambling centers in the US if to speak about revenues from casinos. That is primarily because of well-known Las Vegas and other cities such as Laughlin, for example.

The best online casino Canada obviously gains fewer profits compared with the US state. Concerning regulation peculiarities, the situation in both countries has some things in common.

There are different restrictions and liberties referring to the internet gaming across provinces and states. Although American government struggles with offshore sites, they freely function in many regions.

Gross Revenue of Canada and Nevada of the Last Years

Total revenue in Nevada was 10.4 million USD in 2010. Though, in previous years it gained more earnings (13 million in 2007 and 11 million in 2008). On the other side, Canadian gambling houses generated 5.7 million of total income in 2010. The profits can be considered as stable through 2006-10.

Growth and Declines

The revenues from gaming industry lived through some periods of increase and decline in Nevada. Researches show us that the largest downturn took place in 2008 when total income fell to -10.9 % compared with 2007. The second decrease happened again in 2009 (-10.4%). After that the situation went up, as the result, casino total stopped at + 0.1 %.

The profits in Canada displayed comparably stable growth from 2006 to 2009 (6.2%-3.2%). Only in 2010 there were negative changes when total earnings were reduced to -2.9%.

Comparisons on Games

Gambling incomes in Navada State's and Canadian online casino If to compare Nevada’s earnings according to the sorts of funs, slots brought, to be precise, 8.3 million USD in 2006 and 6.7 million in 2010.

Table games gained 4.32 million in 2006 and 3.6 million in 2010. While in Canada horse racing stakes predominate, the above-mentioned entertainments stand on the second place.

Negative Impact of State's Regulation on Canadian Gambling

In 2010 Ontario experienced the downturn of earnings from American players, traveling to Canucks. There are two main reasons for the situation occurred. First of all, the US government imposed some limitations on players crossing the border to gamble. Furthermore, the situation made worse by the growth of the Canadian dollar. Thus, staking became a bit expensive and less profitable.

Regulations of Cross-Border Online Casino

As we know there are two main types of gaming regulation. The first approach is related to the license system. An operator is required to obtain a gambling license. The second one is based on a strictly controlled state when a certain government confines betting activities.

Speaking about the US administration power, there was a merged system of management. For instance, internet betting on horse races is absolutely lawful in several states.

However, they are outlawed if to speak about cross-border level. In contradiction to the US, Canadian interprovincial web services are quite common.