The CPA License for International Online Casino on the Canadian Territory

The CPA is a license emitted by the KGC. It is granted to the entities that intend to render e-net gaming services through facilities hosted in Kahnawake reserve. Their amount to be issued is not limited. And its holder, named as Authorized Client Provider, is entitled to conduct any kind of games – online Canada casino, web poker, lottery, etc.

The CPA is the Part of Mohawk Gambling Regulation

Canadian online casino regulated by the CPA The Kahnawake Gaming Commission legalizes operators and bears a full responsibility for monitoring their adherence to the Kahnawake International Gambling Legislation provisions.

The Mohawk regulations concerning Internet bets were initiated by the KGC and came into legal force in 1999. They relate to web operators which are based in the territory and provide services from the reservation. Under this document, applicants may get four kinds of licenses depending on the character of activities. The Client Provider Authorization (CPA) is one of them.

Why the Canadian License is So Important?

Nowadays, Canada game markets are functioning under a complete control of provincial and territorial authorities in correspondence with local rules. According to the Criminal Code, Part VII, Section 207, such activities are determined as out of law in the country unless they are managed by properly licensed companies.


The same Section 207 of the Criminal Code allows exceptions from the complete prohibition of gambling for the following reasons. Firms may operate, conduct activities under acting laws of the territories. The betting is considered legal if it is managed by different installations which obtained valid permissions issued by an authorized office.

Also, a stake business meets the law if belongs to a board having a corresponding document or to a concession’s operator. However, Canadian legislation permits provincial governments to run games of chance, lotteries through a computer. In this situation, the local authorities should manage such websites directly offering online money ventures.

The Canadian CPA license for online casino Moreover, the question of exclusivity applies to the holders of IGL license. Kahnawake Gaming Commission runs twenty-nine operating CPA licensed providers. But the mentioned one was granted exclusively to Mohawk Internet Technologies. The reason is that only Mohawk-owned operators are beneficiaries. Therefore, any candidate who wants to launch e-net wagering in the frame of the KGC’s permit must tie partnership with MIT.

Cooperation with Other Bodies

The KGC requires all authorized providers to host websites exclusively at MIT. The reason is that the main data center of Mohawk Internet Technologies is situated in a native territory. It is essential for the Commission to inspect companies’ facilities physically at any time.

Fee Rate and Refund Possibility

An initial installment for the application of a CPA’s (Client Provider Authorization) permit is charged by the KGC in an amount of US$25,000. In addition, 5,000 USD fee an applicant pays for every KPL (Key Person License). These sums cover first annual payments for both permissions. In the case of non-issuance of documents, the contributions will be returned.